2011 National Tree Day PSA English - French

The Nature Trust

This Living World Nature Trust was established to help create a legacy of natural landscapes for Canadians to enjoy for generations. The Trust was created with a very specific purpose in mind, to save and reclaim as much critical wildlife habitat as possible.

Since it’s inception in 1990, This Living World Nature Trust has raised more than $100,000 and purchased or placed under protection 1,500 acres of endangered habitat land. Funds are raised through video sales of “This Living World” television series, nature documentaries produced by King Motion Picture Corporation, and through private donations. The company also waives public exhibition fees, allowing schools, colleges and libraries to view the videos on some releases free of charge for educational purposes.

Proceeds raised go toward the purchase of wildlife habitat and the placement of conservation easements on habitat lands under the Ecological Gift provisions of the Income Tax Act. Corporate and Government Patrons provide the television series with production funding, allowing 100% of the net revenue from video tape sales to be distributed to our Conservancy Partners.

The standard of today’s Environmental Stewardship will determine the quality of tomorrow’s living world. It will be our children’s children who will best measure our success.